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Project Description
This solution is complete datadriven Service Logic for Connected Services Framework 2.5. This solution can be extended for Connected Services Framework 3.0 with ease. This solution use Windows Workflow Rules Engine Framework as the backend. The rules are stored in a database. The Tool for editing rules is available for download at .NetFx site. The tool is called External Tool Set.

The solution has a webservice which has to be published in the UDDI for the service catalogue. The service logic uses SQL Server 2005 database for storing the request status. The scripts for installing the database are available in the database project of the solution.

The solution can be easily migrated to CSF 3.0. The changes involved would be

1. Upgrade the solution to WSE 3.0
2. Change any XML classes related to CSF internal participants like Identity Manager, Profile Manager etc.

The solution presents the two different approaches for writing Service logic. ie. Using Biztalk Server 2004 Rules engine or Windows Workflow Rules Engine Framework.

For any design or details about implementation please refer to!B8AAF52F7A9ABFBB!188.entry.

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